Our History

Our charity, MoMark CIO has historically been known as the League of Friends of Morris Markowe Unit (Springfield Hospital).

MoMark (shortened from Morris Markowe) was established in early 2019 and emerged from an internal review to ensure we were as efficient and effective as possible.

Morris Markowe Unit

After some research, we found that in 1933 an annexe was opened for Springfield Mental Hospital in buildings previously used as the Kingston and Surbiton and District Red Cross Hospital. The annexe, mostly made of corrugated iron, was rebuilt in brick in 1956.

In 1980, the annexe was renamed Morris Markowe Unit, after the medical administrator of Springfield Hospital. At some point during the 1980s, following an NHS reorganisation, the Morris Markowe Unit became part of the Wandsworth District Health Authority, along with Springfield Hospital.  By the beginning of the 1990’s, the health authority, due to its large deficit, decided to close the unit and transfer the remaining 54 patients to Springfield Hospital. The site of the Morris Markowe unit was then sold for redevelopment as Springfield Place.

League of Friends History

We understand the League of Friends was originally formed in 1965, chaired by Mr Marshall, a manager of Midland Bank with members charged £1 to join. Gladys Bloomfield MBE, one of the founding members, was asked to open a shop for the patients with the first £25 they raised. The shop opened in an exposed area in the annexe, essentially a corridor, but eventually developed into a proper structure.

In 1973, the group was re-established and in 1978, renamed as the League of Friends of the Morris Markowe Unit.

In 1994, Alan Angus bequeathed almost £1.5m to the League of Friends apparently unaware that the unit had closed in 1991. Since this time the League of Friends have used the benefits of its assets to support patients of the Springfield Hospital.